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For the fashion girl who loves florals and bold details, this is your go-to gown.  Encrusted with a variety of 3D embellishments and mixed beadwork, this seemingly classic gown has more to its details than meets the eye.  Soft laces and linear details complement these striking elements throughout the semi sheer bodice, while subtle sparkle elements add a hint of shine to the long frothy A-line skirt.  The finished train features gorgeous lacework and unique patterns to mirror the detail at the top, while a banded beaded neckline and V-back add a fresh modernity to the overall style.

Colours:  Ivory, Ivory/Ivory/Mocha, Ivory/Ivory/Porcelain, Ivory/Moscato/Ivory, Ivory/Moscato/Mocha, Ivory/Moscato/Porcelain, White/White/Mocha, White/White/Porcelain, White

Sizes:  2-20 (also available in plus sizes)  CAN BE ORDERED