Frequently Asked Questions

I've been married before, can I still wear white?
Nowadays, wearing white for a second marriage is a personal choice. Remember, it's your day.

Which mother picks her outfit first?
Traditionally, the bride's mother.

What do I do with my gloves when we exchange rings?
Some gloves allow, or can be made to allow the slipping out of your ring finger - but most brides take off their gloves and hand them to the maid of honour while handing over their bouquets.

One of my bridesmaids is pregnant, what do we do?
Meet with our seamstress. Depending on the style, we can sometimes order a larger size. In other cases, fabric may be required to make a maternity panel. In some cases (like 2 piece bridesmaids) a different choice such as an empire would be more appropriate.

When do I bustle my train?
At the reception. Some brides prefer to do it right away; others wait until they have danced with the groom and the father.

Where do I store my gown?
In a dry, dark place - an upstairs bedroom closet is perfect.

Will my dress fit perfectly when it comes in?
This is a misconception. Once you've made the decision to purchase your gown, we take your measurements - bust, waist and hip are standard, and are compared to the manufacturer's specific size chart and we order the closest size allowing for your measurement. When the gown arrives, we tailor it to fit you.