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Ready for its grand entrance, this gown makes a serious high fashion statement.  The clean, sleek and modern design is all about the lines - from the skinny central plunge and high halter neckline to the angles of the open back and signature seaming that contours the figure in this effortless sheath silhouette.  Stretch crepe and cotton make this gown ultra soft and sultry, flowing out into a gorgeous delicate train detail.  The peiece of resistance?  The detachable crepe streamers that strike a statement from the top of the neck, flowing outward past the train to defiine your bridal moment with fearless style.

Colours:  Ivory, Ivory/Ivory/Mocha, Ivory/Ivory/Porcelain, Ivory/Honey/Ivory, Ivory/Honey/Mocha, Ivory/Honey/Porcelain, Ivory/Mocha/Ivory, Ivory/Mocha/Mocha, Ivory/Mocha/Porcelain

Sizes:  2-20  CAN BE ORDERED